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Become a TeacherWit Ambassador: Top 3 Benefits

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

a Rewarding experience to expand your professional network

Being an educator is a social profession. You are constantly in challenging spaces (inside and outside the classroom). So how do you constantly play the role of someone who helps students actualise their potential? Through access to a community of education professionals. TeacherWit fosters a global learning community. It is a valuable online platform with a rich repository of resources for teachers across industries.

TeacherWit provides a safe space for education professionals to share ideas, best classroom practices, ask questions and attend live online events with peers from across the world!

Signing up for this platform is absolutely free. In fact, if you become a TeacherWit ambassador, you get additional supportive resources to practice lifelong learning as a teacher of the 21st Century. Here are 3 reasons why you should become a TeacherWit Ambassador:

1. Lucrative Rewards To Support Your Journey as an Educator

There are 4 reward levels as a TeacherWit Ambassador:

I) Bronze : Spotlight to Celebrate YOU

By introducing 2 or more members into our community, we help support your enthusiasm for the community by a spotlight post about you and your commitment as an educator.

II) Silver : Access to International Comprehensive Course (worth $175)

If you continue to share and expand our talented community to add more than 10 new educators, TeacherWit gives you exclusive access to a course of your choice by the accredited International Comprehensive.

III) Gold : Choice of Learning inspired Education EBook

Your commitment towards our collective growth by introducing over 25 members to our teaching community will be rewarded with an inspiring EBook about effective teaching strategies. You may choose any one of the following:

IV) Diamond : 1-year Subscription to the CALM app

We know that teaching can be a challenging and stressful experience. With over 50 new members through your referrals, we would like to support your mental wellbeing with a year-long subscription to the CALM app for access to all their meditations and peaceful activities.

The first 10 Silver, Gold or Diamond Ambassadors, may choose any of the 2 rewards provided across these 3 levels!

2. Build and Grow a Community of Qualified Education Professionals

TeacherWit has been developed for teachers who want to advance in their careers. We believe that networking is the best way to do so. Our Ambassador program provides rewards (listed in reason #1) as incentives for you to simply share the community platform with education professionals you know. Getting the word out about the TeacherWit community will not only help you connect with your network, but also represent your passion as an education professional within your community. Your voice is the fuel for the platform as a thought leader!

3. Exclusive Access to ALL our World Class Teaching Resources

Being an active part of our community as a TeacherWit ambassador will give you primary access to all our online events, digital resources and updates on community posts. This includes resourceful articles such as the Top 5 Digital Platforms to Help Educators Upskill. You are also invited to expand your network teaching experience by giving a talk during our first Annual Drive Edu conference with a global audience of educators.

Sign up and become a TeacherWit Ambassador here.

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