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Takeaways from TeacherWit’s First Global Drive Edu Conference

Missed our Conference this Year? Here’s a Short Recap from 3 of our Speakers!

We are so grateful for all the wonderful presenters and 170+ participants who made our very first DriveEdu conference such a big success! We had participants and session leaders from all 6 continents. TeacherWit aims to spread alternative and unique thinking models to educators across the globe. This conference brought us one step closer to spreading fresh ideas in the education and learning space!

Here are 3 key takeaways from DriveEdu’s “Activators of Learning”:

Inclusive Learning: A must for 21st Century Pedagogical Teachers

By : Adewale Jeremiah Olayemi | Vice Principal and Mathematics Educator from Nigeria

“Having good and robust approaches toward Inclusive Teaching and Learning on ground are not enough until we have active and functioning components such as competent and knowledgeable teachers, the instructional materials, inclusive curriculum etc.”

Mr. Olayemi is a valuable and active member of the TeacherWit platform. He emphasizes individual attention for students and believes teachers must adapt to every student's learning environment. He underscores that the Socio-Economic Status (SES) of parents play a key role in the learning outcomes of students.

Environmental Education

By: Marcela Villan | Environmental Educator from Buenos Aires, Argentina

“The most valuable takeaway is the fact that we must help our students become real changemakers so as to help the World and build a better place for us all living in it!”

Marcela cultivates self awareness in her students through Social Emotional Learning techniques. She uses sensory material like music and images to help her students understand and empathize with feelings. In her DriveEdu webinar, she spoke about the concept of ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She also discussed the need for Environmental Education.


By: J. Roxanne Young | Curriculum Writer and ICA Education Lead from Canada

“Assume your students are coming to class with ‘Funds of Knowledge’ that you are given the opportunity to experience. Broaden your definition of literacy and engage them in interesting authentic text!”

Roxanne’s session explained the novel concept of “Multiliteracies” in documentation and pedagogical conversations. She sees it as “a rich pedagogical approach that supports multi-contextual and multimodal implications in a respectful and ethical classroom.”

If you would like to view recordings of the Drive Edu sessions and other updates from our diverse & knowledgeable group of education experts, sign up for TeacherWit! This platform is ideal for networking with like minded educators and keeping up with new trends in learning.

If you attended the Drive Edu conference, we would love to hear your feedback! Take a quick 5-min survey here.

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