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TeacherWit: 2022’s Networking Platform for Educators

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

It takes less than 2 minutes to join TeacherWit for free and unlock a vibrant community of education professionals and experts. If you want to broaden your network and build your career in education, then TeacherWit is the platform for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned teaching professional with pearls of wisdom to share or just want to get your foot in the door to the world of education, TeacherWit is the safest online community to join. The easy-to-use interface makes networking fun! Here’s how it looks:

  • The leftmost menu bar helps users navigate the platform and identify topics of interest.

  • Once you join, there is a checklist of ways you can interact with the community and build your educator profile!

Here’s a quick overview of TeacherWit’s top features:

Teachers Can Access Global Ed-Tech trends

With a community of over 1,000 education professionals from 90 countries, TeacherWit is always bustling with diverse conversations. The platform provides lifelong access to a community of like-minded teachers and education enthusiasts. The active community posts thought-provoking polls, articles, updates in education and much more!

The live chat room and messaging option gives members an opportunity to personally connect with education professionals. A number of groups are also available for educators for grade-related or specific subject matter conversations. You can also filter posts by topic of interest such as thinking and inquiry, curriculum and assessment and much more.

Free Resources And Events

The TeacherWit platform supports Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education and is universally free for all. Apart from interesting posts from education peers, a number of online events are always occurring for the community. The platform hosted Kath Murdoch, an education expert and author of 15 books including the bestseller “The Power Of Inquiry”. Join an upcoming event on the platform today! ( The event recordings are also accessible on TeacherWit)

There are a number of free resources posted through blogs and articles on the platform!

Private Groups for School Districts, Universities, Education Consultants and Coaches

The newest feature helps school districts and universities form private groups to facilitate swift and easy communication amongst educators. These groups can also be formed by education consultants and coaches to foster a learning community for clients. Members of these groups have access to individualized coaching, group specific webinars and live events. Through our active learning possibilities, group members feel like they belong to the community, which helps improve their wellbeing and motivation to teach better.

Find Your Niche in the Education Space

This platform is ideal for teachers who want to make a difference in the world! As you explore and make your way through the world of education, TeacherWit provides the stepping stones to find your voice. Your experiences as a teacher shape the collective community and in turn helps reach like-minded educators. Join the TeacherWit community today!


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